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by Monday, December 29, 2014

I am not an affiliate for BODYPeace and receive no compensation for this review.  I received a preview of the book via a sponsorship through FitFluential.


BODYPeace: Release Shame and Discover Body Freedom

Recently I was provided an ebook preview of the book BODYPeace written by Kasey Arena and Heather Waxman.  Kasey and Heather have both gone down their own paths of Body Shame and struggles with their inner battles with food, control and body images.  Over their journeys of discovery they have compiled this book to take the reader along a journey to overcome these issues.

What is BODYPeace?

BODYPeace is a journey; a journey to experience a transformation within oneself to release negativity, feel comfort and love for your own body, and a guide to finding your “modern day Soul Sister”.  Heather spends the first 15 days to journey through the spiritual aspect of your Soul Sister, finding out what inside of you prevents you from feeling free in your body, allowing your Soul Sister and the Universe to guide you to healthier choices that fuel your body instead of being told what you need to eat and do every day to look a certain way.   There’s emotion, journaling, meditation all of the things that allow us to put forth a positive and healthy mindset toward living a healthy lifestyle.  In the second 15 days, Kasey will challenge you to try new recipes that you wouldn’t normally think of, guide you through some exercises that can be done at home and learn to LOVE the food that is going into your body.

BODYPeace is not a diet book, a quick fix or for someone who doesn’t want to commit to making a true change.  BODYPeace is strictly a guidebook, if there is something that you do not feel comfortable with or do not believe in, you can skip over and move on to the next step.  There is much focus on being spiritual with your inner Soul Sister and finding yourself throughout this process.  There is no belief requirement, meaning if you believe in God, a bigger Power, the Universe, or nothing at all, this is for anyone.  Because the Power is going to be within you and your inner Soul Sister  to guide you.

It doesn’t matter if you have a restriction disorder, a purging disorder, an overeating disorder, over exercising, or if you even stand in front of the mirror every now and then to feel negativity or pick apart your body, this book is here to guide you.

What is included with BODYPeace?

You will receive the BODYPeace guidebook that walks through a step by step process each day.  Reading BODYPeace is not just a book for you to go through.  You will also have access to an online community that provides meditations and videos, as well as a private BODYPeace community group to share your thoughts, struggles, or just merely receive support and stories from others along their journey, as well as the recipes, workout videos, and journaling exercises.

Your thoughts BP Bloggers

My BODYPeace Book Review

I have to fully admit I’m the type of person that will always read through any sort of personal development first before doing exercises because I have to feel the connection between myself and the message.  If I get a few chapters in and I’ve spent all this time journaling and doing the exercises, but don’t really feel it with the author or message, I shut the book and think time wasted.  This was definitely not the case when I read through BODYPeace.  Though I wasn’t doing the exercises I felt so connected through Heather & Kasey, it felt like their words were just things in my head that float around all the time and didn’t want to come out.  Yes, we have different stories of BODYShame, discovery, and disorders, however the feelings and the emotion were all very connected.

I really allowed myself to open new doors to that inner Soul Sister and that was just simply by reading the words on a page and really feeling the words and letting them sink in. I realized that it’s okay to be happy or sad and even let myself breakdown and work through it to move forward.  Only I can make myself feel happiness and have pride for myself and my body.  I channeled areas in my life that feed and create negativity in my life and how to work through and overcome that.  With that, I know I need to ask the Universe for guidance and let ME make the decisions to not hold back, but move forward.  My body and food does not define who I am, food is the fuel to drive my car so to speak, and my Soul Sister is the one that needs to come number one in my life.

I am extremely happy with this book and I can’t wait to go through as a group and really dig in to all of the exercises at hand.  Kasey & Heather have done an amazing job, sharing their stories and guidance along their own BODYPeace journeys.  Huge props to them both for being so open and vivid with their emotions.

BODYPeace New Year Challenge/Connection Group

Since I haven’t gone through the book yet as a whole and really dug in, I knew that this book was a beginning to my purpose and my mission for where I want to go forward.  I thought long and hard and so much of what I want to be able to do is to reach more women (married, single, moms, no kids..) to really feel their worth and allow themselves to be so much more than just a title or fighting a constant battle within themselves to be something that they’re not.  What better way to kick off the New Year than to get on this BODYPeace journey together.   I will be creating my own private Facebook group (in addition to the automatic one that you are added to by Heather & Kasey upon beginning the book) and we will be together following each step each and every day.  Remember, I am not an affiliate for BODYPeace and I’m not receiving any compensation on the sales of the book I just believe in this book and what it is capable of bringing out in so many women that struggle with the same issues day in and day out.

Your requirements:

I really do hope that you will join me on this journey because this book is really amazing.  I am excited to get raw with my emotions and accept things that may come out over this time to move forward and feel serious BODYPeace.

~XoXo BG

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