Bling Girl Fitness

by Monday, September 9, 2013

Well, I guess if you are a recurring guest, you will notice that things look a LITTLE different around here right? And if you’re brand new to my blog – THANK YOU for joining me. I have undergone a little bit of maybe the final “coming” of myself? I guess we can say that.  I struggled for a long time trying to see where I “fit” in my world and realm of fitness.  I didn’t want to just be the person that says “oh great job” and “you can do it come on” I wanted so much MORE than that! I wanted to put everything that I love together into one special package…. and voila here it is.  Bling Girl Fitness.



So if you know me already some of this is repeat, but let me tell you a little about me and how we got to this place. I am a mom of 2 small children from the Upper Peninsula and I got involved in fitness and health because of them. I went through a lot “growing up” so to speak that dealt with negative feelings and actions toward my body. Having a daughter changed my life because I began seeing what it meant to love yourself through her eyes. I knew that if I continued on the unhealthy path that I was going I would be setting the same example for her and that was the last straw.

I found home workout programs that changed my life. I finally was able to say that I lost 45 pounds the HEALTHY way. I became so motivated for my own health and fitness by meeting new people and learning about what motivated them and doing the best that I could to be a cheerleader for their journey. I have grown from being a young girl that had terrible body images for herself to a strong woman that sets the right example for her children about living a healthy lifestyle, not just working out daily and wanting to be “skinny” but really valuing everything that life has to offer with a healthy heart and mind.

I’m finally finding my own “place” in this world and want to spread that feeling to others. Too often I think as moms we find ourselves consistently taking care of others and lose that “sexiness” about ourselves. Afraid to slip into a hot dress for a night out because of how we look, afraid to allow ourselves an hour to decompress at a spa alone, afraid to really step into the world of being a girly girl again! I have created my blog Bling Girl Fitness to inspire people to do just that. Get that inner “sexiness” back out in the open and embrace it. It’s not all about being physically attractive it’s about feeling FABULOUS on the inside too!

I smile as I write all of this because I’m just so thankful for where I am and what I have in my life, from where I have come and I couldn’t be more blessed to share my life with you!

What you can expect to find here at Bling Girl Fitness:
1. Fitness Motivation, Inspiration, and Ideas (I’m still all about fitness)
2. Fashion posts – the good, the bad, and the ugly!
3. Maybe some talk of red wine from to time? Who knows?
4. STILETTOS – yeah that falls under fashion but deserves its own category
5. Nutrition – Recipes, examples of things that I make or attempt to make
6. Family talk – I’m still a mom first so you’re going to hear about my kids!

What do I mean by all things glitter? Whatever it is that makes your heart Sparkle and Smile. Family, Shoes, Fitness, Shopping, Makeup.. All Things Glitter to find your inner Bling Girl