About Brittnae

Hello Beauties! I’m Brittnae Giesau.

(Yep, try that one out for size… sound Brit-NAY Gee-SUH soft G #winkwink).


I’m a wife, mom of 2, and online fitness coach turned lifestyle blogger.  I created The Bling Girl Diaries to share LIFE, simple enough right?  You’re going to find family stories, fitness inspiration & support, the easiest recipes you’ll ever try, and my super simple fashion style just to name a few, all sprinkled with glitter & bling!

I don’t pretend to have it all together, all the time and that’s what sparked the creation of The Bling Girl Diaries.

I get cranky if I don’t have my coffee before someone talks to me, I don’t want to workout & eat healthy all the time, I will never give up a girls’ night out with a sequin top because of a meal plan, and I have a slight obsession with anything that sparkles & shines.


I hope that you will find inspiration to start your balanced journey with fitness (you can contact me at to help you get started), laugh a ton at my parenting faux pas, be inspired to make a glittery change, and feel GORGEOUS inside and out.


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