6 months changed my life..

by Saturday, December 4, 2010

If anyone would have asked me a year ago or even 9 months ago what I was feeling and how I was doing, I probably would have given you an answer that made you sit back and go.. WOW I’m sorry I asked. A year ago I was a new mom of 2, struggling from having used up everything financially that I had saved over a period of time to pay my bills so I could be on maternity leave, and now it was Christmas and not only could I not afford the gifts for my kids yet, but I was behind on just about every bill that we had. I began looking at my life and thinking what am I doing?? Why did we have 2 kids, we didn’t think this through, where am I going and more importantly WHAT am I going to do. I had numerous people asking me what was going on and where was I at. And I really didn’t even have an answer because I was so depressed and stretched thin that I couldn’t see the positive in anything at that moment. I know the saying of “just be thankful for what you have” and what I had was 2 beautiful and healthy children, an amazing husband that was trying REALLY hard to help as much as he could, and it was still hard to see the positive through all of that.

I began putting all of my energy that I had left into getting myself healthy and losing weight again. I gained 60 pounds when I was pregnant with my daughter. Now think that doesn’t sound like a ton? Well, I am 5’0″ (5’1″ on a good day LOL) so yes.. it’s a big deal  I was large. So 60 pounds gained – 20 lbs lost right after birth. I had a ton to lose and I wanted so desperately to take care of myself because I knew if I did that, that I would be a happier person for my family. So that’s what I did. I hopped on the Turbo Jam train and started feeling better about myself. After 9 months ALL of the weight was gone and I was feeling great.

Now my weight was gone and I was feeling much healthier. Knowing that I looked and FELT better, made me see things a bit more positively. However, we were still living literally paycheck to paycheck (and less) I could not get myself ahead of the ball whatsoever. In that time my vehicle broke down. I was without it for almost 3 months, and had it not have been for the support of our family, we wouldn’t have been able to pay for it to get fixed either. I decided that I did not want to be put in that position again. I had been talking with my fitness coach Mindy about the possibility of becoming a coach myself and trying to make us some extra money. Then I started thinking… okay, I’m a mom, I work full time, I get my workouts in, and I’m dead tired. How could I possibly fit something else into my schedule and my time, especially owning my own business, she must be joking. (in reality she wasn’t obviously because she was doing the same thing!) So I said thanks but no thanks, I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing and I know things will change. Then a month later, I started thinking again and now I was like, wow, I LOVE this healthy shake (which really, healthy & shake shouldn’t go in the same sentence, but when we’re talking Shakeology.. it happens) and I can’t afford it. What do I need to do to make this happen – ding ding. Okay, it’s only $40 to start… fine, I’ll do it. My husband balked at the idea. He figured it was going to be a “crazy scheme” of mine that I always “cook up” and drop faster than it started and I’d be out $40. So needless to say in the beginning he was not all that supportive, so I just went for it. Surprise to him – 2 weeks later I just flat out told him, hey guess what I’m a Beachbody Coach now and I just made us $50, so what do you say now? Of course He didn’t really have an answer…

My goals in the beginning were ok, I just want to make enough to pay for my Shakeology and if I can bring in about $100 a month, great, right to a savings account in case a vehicle breaks down again. Quickly I started looking more into it, and getting more involved in team calls, and learning so much more about other coaches and team members. Everyone was SO positive and had such an amazing outlook on the business, relationships, and honestly helping people that I finally started feeling at ease about where I was in life and what I was meant to do. This opportunity was presented to me time and time again and I was consistently just brushing it off, I think because I had that “i can’t do that” mentality. When I never knew how wrong I truly was about that. Within 3 months, I felt driven and I had a purpose. I want to share this with so many people whether it be to get fit and healthy or to start feeling good about themselves again, whatever It is, I had a purpose. That purpose alone was giving me a positive outlook and I felt like I had finally pulled myself out of that dark hole that was just getting deeper and deeper.

Fastforward, I have now been a coach for almost 7 months. I have brought on some amazing people to my team and they inspire me each day to Do More. I cannot wait each day to think about who I can share this opportunity with, and who I can reach out to to get healthy and get rocking on their fitness journey. The personal development alone that I would have NEVER contemplated incorporating into my daily life, has changed my entire life. I now wake up every morning and thank God for everything that he has given me. Am I completely out of that financial strain yet to be totally comfortable where I”m at? No I’m not, but I no longer let it consume every piece of my being. If I’m having a bad day, I dont let it take over, I think about it, think about how I can move past it and look to the future. Work harder and do more.

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  • Lindsay
    December 4, 2010

    Hey Britt I loved ur story! It’s taking me a little longer to get a hang on it but I’m trying!