5 Things I can’t live without

by Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Now of course my kids and my husband are always my main priority, but a girl HAS to have some favorite material things right??? I’m sharing mine with you so make sure you comment below and share your 5 Favorites with me!

NUMBER ONE and this is HUGE… seriously CANNOT live without….


Now you very well might be laughing at me, but this is HUGE. I was one of “those” that swore I would never get an iPhone. When the time came to get a new phone I actually chose the Samsung over the iPhone (don’t get me wrong, it was a good phone… but dumb decision). I just could not fathom paying extra money each month for this iPhone package, that I probably would never use! BOY was I wrong. My uncle gave me his iPhone when he switched to Verizon, and warned me that I wouldn’t like it, I’d hate having to sync it, and they’re “sensitive”. Low and behold, 2 days later, SMASH on the ground, shattered. I didn’t even think twice I went straight to AT&T and bought a new one. YES in 2 days I was addicted. So there you have it. My number one “can’t live without” is the iPhone.

Number 2.. CANNOT live without is….

I am not saying this just because I’m a rep, I seriously go crazy in a day without my Shakeology. I completely prefer the chocolate, it has taken away EVERY ounce of chocolate craving I may ever had and who knows WHAT would happen to me if I went without it. I see a lot of candy bars in that equation. Try it. TRUST ME. (I’ll send you a sample and you’ll understand why this is number 2 on my list!).

On to number 3. Without number 3, I would not have number 2. This was a Christmas gift from my mommy this year (I had to have it!!!) and I have never been happier!
I’m pretty sure my entire Shakeology experience has just gotten so much better since I got this. No more chunks of ice, no lugging a huge blender around, it’s PERFECT!

Number 4 on my list is more of a can’t live without “right now” (right now being winter).

If my husband could throw those away, he probably would because I wear them with… EVERYTHING. I dont care if I’m going to work, the boots go on, jeans over, jeans under, sweat pants… they’re always on my feet – all winter long.

And last, but certainly NOT LEAST ….
I couldn’t just choose ONE because I dont particularly have ONE favorite. I have far too many purses and I just couldn’t live without them at all. I always need new ones too, again something my husband will argue with but, hey THEY’RE PURSES!!!

So there you have it, my favorite, can’t live without daily, material items – now.. what are yours??

3 Responses
  • Jennie
    January 12, 2011

    iPhone for sure! Loving my boots too! Can’t wait to try Shakeology!

  • shelly
    January 13, 2011

    Nice list ready mine!! 1.cell phone 2. my bling bling ( aka rings,earrings always wearing something )3.SHOES!! all sorts 4. my guitar/keyboard 5. lotion/hand sanitizer :) .( always gotta have clean hands )