4 Year Anniversary as a Team Beachbody Coach

by Friday, May 9, 2014

Wow.  Writing that heading just really put it all into reality for me for a quick minute.  I truly can’t believe that I’m in the position to say that today I am celebrating my 4 year anniversary as a Team Beachbody Coach.  Life has changed for me so dramatically that I don’t even know where to begin, but I will try to make this as short and sweet as possible.  1017636_10100370523495147_1177776367_n

July 2009 – Beginning of my Fitness Journey

I had my beautiful daughter in May of 2009 and after having so many struggles with my body, self image, choosing entirely unhealthy options to stay “skinny” I knew that I needed a good focused plan to get the baby weight off and keep it off for me and for my kids, they deserve to keep their mom around for a long long time right?  I was turned on to Turbo Jam and over the course of the next 10 months or so, I lost about 45 pounds.  (You can read about my Turbo Jam Success Story here) I created a new lifestyle for myself.  I really found this passion inside of me that I wanted to be healthy and I wanted to strong and healthy and give a great example for my family.  In turn, I found that people were asking me what I was doing to lose the weight, commenting on how great I looked, and I was always telling them, Turbo Jam! You have to get on the Beachbody train because this stuff works.  Of course, during all of this my coach Mindy Wender was insisting for MONTHS that I needed to look into becoming a Beachbody Coach because I was doing exactly what I would be doing as a coach and earning money.  Time and time again I turned her down, I couldn’t see myself getting involved in any sort of Network Marketing company again because they had failed for me in the past.  All I would end up doing is spending money that I most definitely did not have. So, I just kept being happy and working out and enjoying my new happiness.

May 9, 2010 – The Turning Point

I received a message from someone yet again asking me about Turbo Jam and what I loved about it, and then was introduced to Shakeology.  I knew that I had to incorporate it into my nutrition plan but it was WAY too expensive for me.  We couldn’t afford anything extra let alone the things that we already had, so I messaged Mindy on a Thursday evening and I said, hey, I know there’s one of those webinars tonight, can I have the link? (Mind you, this was the 3rd time I had watched this webinar).  I sat for an hour on the couch learning what coaching was all about from a woman named Christine Dwyer and when it finished, I decided it was my time.  I had to take a chance at something to move forward right? Then the thought .. oh shit, how am I supposed to pay for this? We don’t have $39.95 to take care of this… what do I do?

This moment, I’ll never forget.  I looked over at my husband and I said, I need the credit card so I can get the numbers to pay the bill (which I definitely didn’t have the money to do so).  He handed me the card and I hid on the couch with my laptop and signed up to become a coach.


Now what right? I was scared, I didn’t know where to move forward, what to do, terrified of failure…. so many things rolled into one.  I clearly couldn’t talk to my husband about it, because I didn’t tell him I was signing up (whoops – which a week later I made $50 and rubbed it in his face!) .  I just took everything that I could from my coach and dove right in.  I ordered Shakeology, I was very excited because Turbo Fire  was coming out soon, and I just took everything I could and committed.

The Journey

Being involved in any sort of Network Marketing company is always going to raise some questions and concerns from friends, family, loved ones, well, pretty much anyone that you say “yeah I’m in Network Marketing” to.  So I had a long hard struggle that I needed to work on cutting down the negative and focusing on the positive.  There were many times that I would cry because I was so hurt by things that people I didn’t know or really care to know were saying about me and what I believed in, and even more so when my friends would talk about me behind my back, or crack jokes about it right in front of me.  I can’t express how disheartening this is for someone just starting out in the business really is.  It can tear you down, hurt your feelings, kill your motivation and inspiration and so much more.  The key that I had to learn was to work and focus on MYSELF.  Try the best that I could to hide the negative feelings that I was having and keep plugging forward.

Success is a great motivator to keep plugging forward, but at what point do you really say… Yes, I have achieved the success I was looking for? I continued to work my business daily as a full time working mom.  I would go to work during the day, come home spend time with the family, then workout and work my business at night… why? because we needed change in our lives.  We were drowning in debt that it was literally tearing our family, our marriage apart, and I found my motivation.  I didn’t need the success at that point, I needed a purpose, a WHY, a drive… I knew what I needed to do for my family and I wasn’t going to pull off until we were there.

Becoming a Full Time Beachbody Coach

I remember having a conversation once with my husband before we had kids about how I would need to stay home and take care of our family and our kids when we had them and I shouldn’t be working.  I’m pretty sure at that moment I laughed in his face.  I knew that I was not stay at home mom material whatsoever.  Around my 2 year anniversary as a coach, this started to become a reality.  I made some really bad choices during that time and hurt feelings, relationships, people that I love and really admired in the process.  I didn’t know what would happen in the future for these relationships and how things would go o1377504_578357688877972_2085468986_nnce I left my job, but I knew I couldn’t screw it up.  I could not come out on the other side having failed, I had risked too much in the process. It was a rough transition into working from home full time.  I went from having a very specific schedule because my time was very limited when I worked full time to having freedom: freedom to sleep in, freedom to put my work off until later, freedom to definitely not follow my specific schedule.

Then one day while sitting on my deck in the sunshine, I looked out at my kids playing in the yard and realized that I had already lost so much time with them as they were growing up, that I couldn’t afford to lose anymore time with them.  This was where I was meant to be in this moment.  Immediately I felt this weight lifted off of my shoulders, I got my crap together – set a specific schedule for myself, started focusing on to do lists, and in just a few months my business blew up and income started growing faster than I thought was possible. I’m happy to say that today, almost 2 years into staying home to work my fitness business full time, it was the hardest and scariest decision that I haphazardly made, and it was worth it.  I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else than being the one to drop my kids off to school, be here when they’re done with school, and just BE WITH them while doing what I love.

What Beachbody Coaching has Done for Me

In just 4 short years, life has changed dramatically for me and my family.  In 2010 we were beyond drowning in debt and I had no idea what I could do or where we would be going for our future. Combined we were making approximately $35,000 a year.  We were getting state 600417_10100300659468217_536391210_nassistance for our food and insurance for our kids and listening to debt collectors call multiple times a day.. multiple times a month. In 2013 I earned over $100,000… in one month this year I made almost double what I made a year when I was working full time away from my kids.  This year I paid off all of our credit card debt and that has been the proudest moment that I’ve had in the last 4 years.  (You can read about my debt pay off journey and how we did it here.) Last year I took my family on our first REAL family vacation and went on the Beachbody Success Club trip to Disney World.  In March my husband and I took our first real VACATION alone together on the Success Club Cruise.  The opportunities and blessings that we have been given are incredible.  (It’s a great thing that I decided not to do this by video because I’m a blubbering mess right now!).  I can’t take back the mistakes that I made, the bad decisions that I made, the people that I hurt, the people that hurt me… but I can know that I’m in the right place.  I am so thankful for what we have that I can’t even describe it in words.

Money, vacations, debt payoff… all that set aside, becoming a Beachbody Coach has given me a true passion.  A real outlook on my life and where I want to go and what I want to be.  I have learned so much about myself and others over the last 4 years.  I have created relationships with my coaches and my challengers alike that are relationships that I can keep with me forever.  I have some of the most amazing friends in this business, and my coaches: my TransformNation, they are my family.  There’s more to this business than the glitz, the glam, the money… it’s about life lasting relationships, finding your true passion, and reaching to help others and meet NEW people every single day and I am blessed to have this opportunity and this life.

I really hope that you take this to heart and understand that it’s not always going to be rainbows and butterflies… it’s not a get rich quick scheme.. This is something that takes WORK.. that takes COMMITMENT… that takes FOCUS.  Your life isn’t going to change just by signing up to become a Beachbody Coach, dig in and find out what your DRIVE is, your WHY… then run with it and do everything in your power to make your dreams a reality.

If you’re considering becoming a Beachbody Coach or this post has inspired you to learn more, please CLICK HERE and get some information and contact me so that we can talk.  I hope that I can celebrate your anniversaries with you!!!

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