3 Year Old Birthday

by Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our little girl is now 3 years old and what a day it turned out to be.  Could there ever be a party or get together that doesn’t end in some sort of trouble? Not in my life!

 The morning started out great, the very first thing we did was give her lots of hugs and kisses and let her get one present before her party.

I was a little concerned at first that she wasn’t going to “get” the concept of a big girl bike and that she cannot pedal backward anymore, but she hopped on and after about 5 min. of trial and error she was gone like the wind and wouldn’t stop.  We spent a good 2 hours outside watching her make laps up and down the driveway while preparing for her party.

Fast forward to pulling into the driveway after picking up the princess birthday cake, I notice there isn’t a soul outdoors: no husband, no son, no birthday girl.  My initial thought was “uh oh, we took a crash already on the bike and moved the crying fest indoors.”  I wasn’t particularly surprised when I walked in the backdoor and heard a little 3 year old girl sobbing hysterically.  When I say sobbing, I mean that it had been going on for 45 minutes, she wouldn’t stop to take a breath, eyes were almost swollen because she was crying so hard and all she could get out was.. “MOMMMMMYYYYY…” Come to find out, our little monkey took her first tumble down the stairs.  Problem is, no one can tell me how high up or how many down she went. Husband was in another room, son was on the couch at the base of the stairs with his back to the stairs (though from the son, the stories ranged from 4 steps to the very top, which is I believe 14 stairs).  In between tears, deep breaths and sobbing, I was able to make out “Fell down stairs…. Hit head…. Hurt arm..” She did end up with a nice little bump and carpet burn near her eye, but her arm she wouldn’t let anyone see.  I slowly lowered my sobbing birthday girl to my lap and let her cry herself to sleep for a small nap.

As she is sleeping in my lap, I look down and notice a spot of dirt on her face and I tried to wipe it off, no bueno. Looked a little closer and this damn spot of dirt looks like it has 8 eight legs.  I yell to my husband (because trust me, we do not want to get into my fear of wood ticks, or any of its ancestors) to get the tweezers and check out what I found.  Sure enough, we come to the conclusion that it is a deer tick stuck to my birthday girl’s face.  I have never personally come in contact with a deer tick and the fact that the size of it was LITERALLY no bigger than a fine tip pen, really creeped me out.  (Again, this girl is NOT tick friendly).  Thankfully husband was able to pull it out fairly quickly and we do not believe that it actually bit her which I am very thankful for. (At bath time, I found 2 more deer ticks on her).

All of this transpired within a couple of hours, and by the time I got her awake again (not even dressed) her guests were beginning to arrive.  Party started at 3 and of course, I told my friend and her boys to come early because when it’s 90 degrees out, why not pull out the sprinkler and let them run.  Well, of course the minute they pull in the driveway it starts to sprinkle.  We haul all of our patio furniture into the house and stack it up to watch the shower come down.  Around 2:45 bring it all back outside.  Guests began to arrive promptly at 3:00 p.m. as did the black clouds.  Quickly, all of the patio furniture plus about 20 people packed into my temperature rising home. One half hour later and the clouds parted and we were able to move on with the show.

Everything went great, food went on the grill and the Fruit Birthday Cake was a hit! The princess sure enjoyed her princess birthday cake, I’m pretty sure she had 2 pieces; it’s her birthday she is allowed.












Finally around 8:30 the last guest was gone, and I was able to get the Birthday Girl to the bath tub and then out to play with her new LaLaLoopsy Doll.  These things are actually pretty fun for mom to play with too, but don’t tell.  The only thing that ended our wonderful day on a sad note was that she was still holding and crying over the arm from the tumble down the stairs.  Of course, mom fret and stewed about it all night and first thing this morning, I scheduled her an appointment that will be this afternoon. I’m praying and hoping that it’s not broken. I cannot imagine a cast on my little princess for the first month of summer.

The 3 Year Old Birthday may be over, but it looks like we just might be facing a BIG milestone.

To Be Continued….