3 Day Refresh Review & Results

by Friday, July 11, 2014

First off, let me just say it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything.  My life has been in utter chaos over the last 3 weeks and finally coming down to normalcy.  I spent 6 days traveling to Las Vegas for our annual Coach Summit in June, traveled to Green Bay to host a Super Saturday event a few days after I returned, 4th of July and here I am.  Let me be quite frank in saying that this body NEEDED a deep cleaning.  After I finished the PiYO test group, I decided that I would give my body a “rest” no workouts, terrible foods, lots of drinking and of course it meant nothing other than bloating up to looking about 4 months pregnant.  After my great PiYO Results, I couldn’t just let that happen.  So, I was over the MOON when our CEO Carl Daikeler announced a new program / product releasing called the 3 Day Refresh.  Great way to kick out the junk and get a little boost on the body’s progress.


What is the 3 Day Refresh?

The 3 Day Refresh is a specially formulated and vegan product pack of 3 shakes a day, 1 fiber drink, plenty of water per day, and 3 small meals of fruits and veggies to keep your energy and metabolism up.  You hear so much information about 5, 7 or even more days of nonstop juicing, or only drink this or only eat that, the Refresh makes it simple without extending the period of time to drive you crazy. Watch this video for more detailed information then scroll down to continue reading..

IT’S JUST 3 DAYS, so we keep it simple. 3 shakes a day, a fibe drink, plenty of filtered water, plus 3 small meals and fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day to keep your energy and metabolism going.  IT’S JUST 3 DAYS, so we keep it simple. 3 shakes a day, a fiber drink, plenty of filtered water, plus 3 small meals and fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day to keep your energy and metabolism going.IT’S JUST 3 DAYS, so we keep it simple. 3 shakes a day, a fiber drink, plenty of filtered water, plus 3 small meals and fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day to keep your energy and metabolism going.


Why Should I Do the 3 Day Refresh?

Picture this, you’re on vacation enjoying all of the Caribbean food, mountainous sugary alcoholic drinks, and you forgot to check out where the gym was when you got to your destination.  OR, maybe you had a wedding, parties, even just a fun weekend in the sun that you consumed too much of what you don’t normally eat on your clean diet.  That’s exactly what happened to me, I NEEDED the Refresh after everything I ate and drank through my 4th of July.  A little ice cream here, a couple pieces of pizza there and now your jeans don’t fit and you need a little something to kick off a few pounds and get back on track.  THIS is what the 3 Day Refresh is for!

10489789_10100730515333617_1602702905833425629_nWhat is the Meal Plan for the 3 Day Refresh

Breakfast: Shakeology w/filtered water and a fruit
Midmorning: Fiber Sweep
Lunch: Vanilla Fresh shake, fruit, veggie and a healthy fat
Snack: Veggie and a healthy fat
Dinner: Vanilla Fresh and approved veggie dinner from product guide

My 3 Day Refresh Review

I am NOT a big fan of cleanses.  I don’t do well on them, I can’t ever seem to stick to them no matter how long they are, and I can’t possibly keep myself on track and focused.  I would much rather eat SUPER clean and be happy with my results that take a little longer.  However, when the 3 Day Refresh came out, I knew that there would be a lot of people asking about it, what I thought of it AND I could stand to drop a few of my yucky pounds I gained, so I quickly snatched it up and knew that the Monday after the 4th of July I was ALL over that.

Day 1 was a breeze until about 9:00 pm.  I had eaten my last meal around 5:30 and by 9:00 I was starving.  I probably could’ve eaten EVERY single piece of food in the house, along with all of the water and soda, anything I could get my hands on.  I was also feeling a pretty heavy headache.  So entirely unlike me, at 10:00 pm I packed it up and headed off to bed.  I couldn’t put myself in the tempting position anymore and just had to move on.

Day 2 was a struggle for me.  I woke up feeling extremely bloated, uncomfortable and swollen.  My hands were swelling so badly that my rings wouldn’t fit whatsoever and I had to take them off throughout the day.  I wasn’t hungry throughout day 2 at all, and made it through all of my scheduled meals just fine.  I spaced my time out a little better and didn’t eat my last meal until around 7:00 which helped me a ton with the hunger later in the night.  However, that night I became extremely uncomfortable and I actually LOOKED and felt bigger than I was when I started.  I instantly began doubting the program because I couldn’t imagine that on a “cleanse” or “detox” that I should be feeling this way.  (Side note, if you think that you’re going to run to the bathroom on the Refresh, think again, not gonna happen). I reached out to some friends that had done the refresh and a lot were feeling fabulous and I felt like ok, I just need to accept that maybe this isn’t going to be the program for me because the fibers just aren’t sitting well in my system.

Day 3 I woke up feeling a little less bloated and not nearly as swollen or uncomfortable.  Despite my feelings the previous night, I was NOT going to waste 2 days and give up, I had 1 day to go and was going to finish it.  I stretched out my meals again like I did the previous day and never felt hungry one bit (I may or may not have been a little jealous watching my husband eat McDonald’s fries as I drank a shake, but whatever).  Looking in the mirror that day I still didn’t feel like I had really done a whole lot for myself and that was okay.  I already had the pity party the day before, I just needed to finish and create my own story so that if others struggled the same way I could be there for them.

3 Day Refresh Results

Much to my surprise when I woke up after completing the 3 Day Refresh, I stepped on the scale and had gone from 107.8 to 103.2 pounds! Which was not very surprising to me because i had gained SO much water weight previously that it just had to be knocked out.  So I lost a total of 4.6 pounds and I actually didn’t measure myself because I just like to go by photos the best that I can.  Remember I had talked myself out of seeing results, but I looked in the mirror and my hip bones and obliques had reappeared amidst the beer and Mexican food that I consumed like crazy!

Overall, I struggled a lot with it because of the way that I was FEELING and I’m actually glad that I had those struggles because if it happened to me, then it’s going to happen to someone else.  Someone else will be bloated and uncomfortable and feel like they want to quit, but I can be here to say just trust the process and lets see how it plays out, maybe you will get results, maybe you won’t.  We all have different things with our bodies that we will react to differently.

CLICK HERE if you’d like to try out the 3 Day Refresh and I would be more than happy to support and help you along the way!

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  • ashley
    August 6, 2014

    Hi Brittnae! so happy i read your review, its just what i needed today! i am currently on day 2 of the refresh and feeling exactly as you described bloated and uncomfortable! i made it through day 1 fine (minus complaining about all the food i wanted to be eating). today i woke up feeling great and by the time i finished “lunch” i wasnt even hungry for the snack but followed the plan. im hoping tomorrow feels better or even “day 4″… i did lose 1.2lbs in the first 24 hrs but i guess we’ll see what happens! anyway thank you for sharing your experience i really needed to read im not alone :)