21 Day Fix Results

by Sunday, April 20, 2014

321DayFix-whatYouGet_ibk3og Weeks to a Healthier Body

If you have been following my site for awhile now, you’ll know that I haven’t been the most consistent blogger. (Sorry about that, I promise to change!!!).  I realized that I never blogged about my 21 Day Fix Results! Insane right? This was one of the best programs that I’ve experienced since I began my fitness journey.  It really encompassed everything that you need to create insane results.  Autumn Calabrese teaches you in the simplest terms how to portion control and utilize macros.  Not sure what that means? Don’t worry about it.  All you’ll need to know is what color that you need to eat in each meal.  Now when people talk I’m like: Sorry, I don’t do calories, I only know colors.  (21 Day Fixers get it! #Wink). In 3 weeks with the 21 Day Fix I learned:

  1. I was eating entirely too much in each meal
  2. I was not eating often enough
  3. I was not eating the right things (well yeah I knew that one)

Color Coded Portion Containers & Nutrition Guide

The 21 Day Fix color coded portion containers make healthy eating and portion control SO simple.  When I posted this blog, I was only 3 days in and didn’t truly utilize the containers at that point.  After one week, it became very clear to me how much each portion was just by eye balling.  I went out for my first meal “out” and checked over the menu to find the items that would be the best for me on my meal plan and 1982149_493341240777062_318455790_ncolors that were necessary and had no trouble figuring out how much I was able to eat.  Using the containers really puts into perspective how we eat SO much more food at one sitting than we need to.  When I ate the salad out to lunch, I only ate a small corner.  You can see there in the photo what was left.  Then we wonder why as Americans we struggle with obesity right? Before the Fix, I would have eaten at least HALF if not more than half of that salad (because I’m not going to lie it was pretty delicious) but, mostly because it’s normal.

After a week on the fix, I didn’t really NEED to utilize the containers.  I could visualize the size of the food that I needed to eat and it became second nature.  It really became a habit that has stuck in my brain of how much of that food actually needs to go on my plate.  The color coded containers are a lifesaver to learning new portion and macro control in the simplest form and I highly recommend this to everyone even JUST for the containers!  I no longer have to worry about how many calories are in something, and my conversations go something like this: Yeah I had 3 reds already today and need to get in 1 more, but I’m way behind on my greens so I’ll have to catch up at dinner.  By the way, I was NEVER hungry on this plan.  So even though the containers look small, throw those portions on a plate and you will be extremely surprised.  I have created a board on Pinterest dedicated solely to the meals that I had on the Fix.  You can check it out here.

It is suggested that the final 3 days of the 21 Day Fix that you follow the “3 Day Fix”.  Basically this is a 3 day meal plan that can maximize your results if you were to have an event that you need to get ready for or to simply maximize the full results of your 21 days.  This plan consisted of chicken, fish, chicken, fish, chicken, some ground turkey… did I mention chicken? LOTS of protein on this plan and I was eating 6 times a day, at least every 2 hours, FULL meals. It was a struggle, I am not going to lie to you on that.  I was cranky, hangry, whatever you name it, I was it. By the end of day 2, all I could taste in my mouth was chicken no matter what I ate or smelled, it was chicken.  It’s not easy to stick to this plan, but I wanted to make sure that I was on task to this program fully and let me tell you that following the 3 days perfectly definitely amped up my results and I highly recommend it!

21 Day Fix Workouts

Autumn Calabrese is a super spunky trainer and I love her! She makes each of these workouts fun, but still reminding you to push harder and not give up.  Each workout is no more than 30 minutes, which is so doable for anyone to squeeze in.  Each workout incorporates intervals in rounds that vary throughout each workout.  You will be incorporating weights and body resistance with some cardio in every workout.  It really is a great mix up of the entire program.  I believe that I have two favorite workouts from this program.  The first is the Pilates Fix.  It was a 1622688_494555497322303_7410268_nchallenge the first week because it pushed my muscles to strengthen and be flexible in places I was just not ready for.  The first week I could barely hold a plank for 30 seconds let alone a minute (a few times throughout the workout) and by the final week, a minute was a breeze and I was ready to keep on with another minute! My second favorite workout is Dirty 30.  In 30 minutes you’re doing some cardio, getting an amazing calorie burn and heart rate up, and bringing in the weights at the same time.  I loved the challenge of bringing it all together in this workout.  It was always on my Saturday schedule, so it was definitely that motivation to keep moving on the weekends.

It does not matter what fitness level you are at, the 21 Day Fix workouts are suitable for everyone.  Kat is an amazing modifier for each workout.  If you are a beginner you can follow Kat every single day (though by week 2 or 3 you’re definitely going to see that you’re stronger and want to move up on the chain) and still see amazing results.

The final week of the schedule it is suggested to follow the doubles schedule, which I did.  You do not have to do both workouts back to back if you don’t want to, so I generally did my first workout first thing in the morning and saved the second for the afternoon (also, you do not need to change your meal plan while on the doubles week since it is temporary).  I feel that the doubles definitely helped me to build up to heavier weights and I felt incredibly stronger during this week.

My 21 Day Fix Results

1601112_496744083770111_654076666_nThis program not only gave me great physical results that I was extremely happy with, it gave me amazing mental results as well.  It is no secret that I struggle with nutrition like crazy.  I’m a grazer and if there’s chocolate or cookies or chips in the house, I will eat them.  It’s extremely difficult for me to have the willpower to stay focused, but the 21 Day Fix gave me that willpower.  There was only one time during the 3 weeks that I swapped my yellow container (carbs) for a glass of wine.  I love cocktails, and I had to really hold back in that area for the results that I wanted.  I learned how to properly portion and know when and what exactly to eat to give my body the results that I was looking for.  In the end I lost a total of 8 pounds and 15.5″ on my body, which I’m extremely happy with.


This program is extremely easy for anyone to do with the workouts and the nutrition guide with containers is something that I will continue to utilize throughout my fitness journey.

Try the 21 Day Fix

My current 21 Day Fix challengers are doing amazing and some are starting their 2nd and 3rd rounds of the program with amazing results.  If you would like more information, please contact me so that we can discuss how the 21 Day Fix can help change your life!