21 Day Fix – Getting Started

by Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The 21 Day Fix is finally here! I feel like I have been waiting a lifetime for this program.  Back in September I attended a Leadership Conference with Beachbody and we were introduced to Autumn Calabrese.  Autumn is a single mom of an adorable little boy, fitness instructor, personal trainer, and Bikini Competitor.  The 21 Day Fix was built based on the idea that often times even though we feel that we are eating super clean and healthy we OVER eat.  YES, it’s possible to over eat on healthy foods.  I have a favorite restaurant here in my hometown that makes an amazing Greek salad… that Greek salad “half” size is a bowl bigger than one of my biggest pots to cook in.  Yet, every time I go and order it I eat the entire thing in one sitting.  Sure, it’s healthy but oh my goodness is it too much food. Alongside the idea that I know that I don’t eat as well as I should, I have had problems staying committed and focused to a 60+ workout program.  I find that I do much better in shorter intervals and I needed something that I felt connected with, and emotionally drawn to.  When I heard about the Fix, I was HOOKED.  I was devastated when I learned that I wasn’t chosen for the program coach test group, however I knew that it was not the right time for me and when it was available it would be the time! And now I am more than happy to say – it is THE time!


So, how does the 21 Day Fix work? Well, the program focuses mostly on meal planning and portion control, with 30 min. per day workouts that are doable for ANYONE, whether you want moderate, intense or need to slow it down and modify if you’re a beginner.  As you can see in the photo you are provided with a meal plan guide book, 2 DVDs with 6 workouts each, Shakeology shaker cup, and most importantly 7 color coded containers.

How do the containers work: 

Each container is color coded for a different food group: Red – Protein, Green – Vegetables, Purple – Fruit, Yellow – Carbs, Orange – seeds / dressing, blue – fats / oils.  When you begin the program you will be given a set of containers that you need to eat per day.  For example, I am within a 1200-1499 calorie range per day (no this does not mean that I count calories on this program!!!) so I have 4 reds, 3 green, 2 purple, 2 yellow, 1 orange and 1 blue container per day.  While on this program you do not count calories.  You simply focus on creating a meal plan that encompasses your daily container requirements.  If it goes within that container group, and it fits in the container you can eat it! Mixing various containers throughout meals allow you to create an incredible breakfast, lunch and dinner (plus snacks) and never leave you feeling starved for more.  Plus, the meal plan provides you with dressing and seasoning recipes allowed on the plan as well.

The Workouts:

The workouts are 30 min. per day 7 days per week (pilates and yoga / stretch are involved so you are not doing intense workouts every single day!) for 3 weeks.  It does not matter your fitness level to complete this program! The modifications range from super intense to first day working out ever so literally ANYONE can follow this workout program.

The Guide Book:

this book reminds me of when I was on the Ultimate Reset.  I lived and breathed for that book for 21 days.  I keep it near me at all times so that I can double check where my foods need to go into containers.  Each container in the guide book is broken down with a list of foods acceptable within that container.  For those items that are odd shape and clearly not going to fit into a container (like a piece of toast for example) the amount to qualify for one container is listed within the book.  You will also find some meal suggestions and recipes within the book as well.

Want a treat?

One of the things that I struggle with A LOT when I’m starting a new meal plan is that idea that I need to restrict wine_Carbsmyself from everything in sight, this causes for a MAJOR downfall often times.  However, on the Fix you have the option of having a treat a couple of times per week (recipes for clean eating bars / cookies are in the guide book or you can simply have the measured chocolate!).  Now, I’m not always a HUGE HUGE sweets eater, but I do like one from time to time, however my favorite part of this is that you can even portion out a glass of wine 3 times per week.  YES, you can get healthy, be on a guided meal plan and STILL drink wine.  If you opt for a treat or wine in a day you simply swap out one of your yellow containers for the day.  That’s a hard one for me because I love love love my carbs :) but, I do love wine more! #wink. The first week though I am going 100% no treats or wine, and going to maybe have one glass of wine my second week but for this first round (especially with the Beachbody cruise coming up in a little more a month) I need to stay strict and really allow my body to mold around this program the best that I can.

So for me personally, I took some time on Sunday afternoon to set up my meal plan and make sure that I had all of my colors down for the entire week.  It definitely took some time the first go around, but once I was a few days in, it definitely got easier. And let me add, it is SO easy to follow throughout the day! Just knowing that I have the meal plan all set and just have to check what my upcoming meal is, I know that all of my colors are set and I’m good to go.  I have not been hungry at all throughout the day either.  If you’re interested to see some of my meals that I’m eating throughout the 21 days, make sure to follow my board on Pinterest specifically for the 21 Day Fix: http://www.pinterest.com/brittnaeg/21-day-fix/ I am not actually eating out of the containers, I measure the foods into the containers and then put them out on plates and the portions are actually quite a bit larger than you would imagine just looking at the containers!

I am starting day 3 today.  The first workout was Total Body Cardio Fix, which was cardio and incorporated squats and light weights.  Today’s workout was Upper Body Fix, swapping light and heavy weights with an entire upper body workout.  In only 30 minutes, Autumn definitely gets the work done right. Today I have Lower Body Fix, and to be totally honest my hammies are still crying from the Total Body Fix on Monday so it should be interesting to say the least!

You can continue to follow my journey through the 21 Day Fix via the blog (I will be updating weekly on progress), my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/blinggirlfitness and of course my Pinterest board! If you’re interested in getting started with the 21 Day Fix, please contact me and we can discuss how the Fix will work for you and I can give you information on my upcoming 21 Day Fix support challenge group! I’m looking forward to the next 3 weeks and hope that you will follow along with me through this journey!

5 Responses
  • Alex
    March 3, 2014

    I love the idea of the containers, as I hate to count calories myself. This seems a lot less tedious and a lot more convenient and doable. Great post :)

    • admin
      March 7, 2014

      YES! Seriously SO easy. Now I just count everything i eat by “colors” oh what did you eat today?? Um… 4 reds, 3 greens, etc. LOL

  • emma
    March 14, 2014

    Where can u get this I tried finding it on beachbody but its just for preorder still on their site… I would love to start this

    • admin
      March 14, 2014

      Hi Emma :) I sent you an email!!! Look forward to hearing from you :)

  • Shannon
    August 14, 2014

    Just started day 1 of the fix. Yes I know it’s thursday, but I have spent enough of my life starting things tomorrow. I would love to join anything for support, as though I have been fortunate that my weight has never gotten to out of control. I haven’t been in any kind of shape or eaten totally healthy for ten years. Just ate breakfast so far so good!