21 Day Fix Challenge Group

by Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I hope that if you’re coming across this post, you have read through my 21 Day Fix Results. (If not, please go read that and this post will wait for you to catch up!) I’m finishing up my PiYO test group and I have to say that I’m SO thankful for the 21 Day Fix because in 21 days it helped me to create HEALTHY eating habits that carried over into my results that I’ve achieved so far with PiYo.  With the release of PiYO coming VERY Soon, I’m SUPER excited to announce a HUGE opportunity for you to get the best results with the 21 Day Fix and begin working on your healthy habits BEFORE PiYo is released.


21 Day Fix Challenge Group

What is the point of the challenge group:

The 21 Day Fix Challenge Group is going to be lead by various leaders of our amazing TransformNation coaching team.  These coaches, including myself, have completed the 21 Day Fix and achieved amazing results.  Each of these coaches have different experiences throughout the program and are fully capable to help answer questions, share tips, share recipes and provide support to you throughout your 21 day 10334301_10201452817996911_2134010754015987474_nchallenge.  This is something that we have NEVER done before, but we’re banding together to make it the best group yet to help YOU create some amazing results and easy healthy eating habits!  It is a proven fact that if you combine proper nutrition & fitness support with some accountability of being with a group & sticking to your plan, that you WILL create some amazing results for the body that you want! (Results will vary by participant).  We will be creating a private group on Facebook and once you have all of the tools necessary for the group your coach will add you into this group.  Here we will chat daily about the workouts, share recipes, answer questions, and offer the best support that we can provide to you.

What do I need for the 21 Day Fix Challenge Group

You will need to contact your TransformNation coach to discuss the pertinent details that you will specifically need based on what you may already have.  If you do not currently work with a coach, please make sure to contact me immediately so that we can get you set up with the tools that you are going to need.  You will need:

  • the 21 Day Fix program which includes: the 30 min. workouts per day, nutrition and exercise guide book, and color coded portion containers
  • Shakeology – flavor of your choice
  • A positive mindset and focus to make a change! We don’t need negative nellies!!!

Your coach (or myself) will help you get everything that you need.  If you do not have the Fix or Shakeology we have a great challenge pack that includes both for a SUPER discounted price, so again get with me or your coach to find out what the best options for you will be!1972272_10152064786061080_5921048579477727352_n

When will the 21 Day Fix Challenge Group begin

We are hosting this program so that you will have the benefit of getting your nutrition under control before taking on PiYo in July.  The start date of our 21 Day Fix Challenge Group will be: June 9, 2014.  This means that ALL orders must be in no later than June 2nd to allow for shipping time.

Is the 21 Day Fix Challenge Group for you

Do you have 5-15 pounds that you would like to lose? Do you struggle with knowing what and how much to eat on a clean and healthy meal plan? Are you ready to start PiYo as soon as it is released? Do you want to get the best results for your summer vacation and feel confidence when you put on your bikini? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the 21 Day Fix Challenge Group is for YOU!

Join our 21 Day Fix Challenge Group

I am sure that you’re going to have a ton of questions about the details, so I want to make sure that if you currently work with a TransformNation coach that you contact him/her immediately to get the scoop and fill your spot in the group, OR if you do not have a coach please contact me now so that we can get you set up.